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Includes bank orders we have reached the goal of £ 141 750 and then over £ 20,000 above the minimum of £ 120,000

Heartfelt thanks to all those who invest and support the campaign in different ways.

We appreciate the confidence and trust people have shown. We are very aware of the responsibility this places on us to ensure that the initiative is successful.

further investments

We have to mention at the outset that we wanted to ensure that everyone can be a part of the initiative and will therefore still possible for people to invest through a standing order for either £ 10 per month 25 or £ 25 for a week 10 week. There will also be possible for people to use their labor to invest on the basis of scale of a living wage (real)

The next step is to buy 9 Stryd y Plas, Caernarfon with the aim of completing the purchase of the building in January, and progressed quickly start the gwaithaddasu and renovation.

to attract fellow countrymen and visitors from around the world, who wish to experience the rich heritage, culture and language of Caernarfon.

Why did people invest?


  • We have secured funding of £ 128,000 by the Welsh Government's Rural Development Program.
  • We have secured a mortgage of £160,000 through the W.C.V.A
  • We ensure £ 137,250 of which £ 17,250 investment over the minimum investment is needed. This includes an investment of £ 15,000 from Cooperative Finance. Managed to reach the minimum without this investment.

We were delighted to support the local credit union who agreed that people can borrow to invest in Other Accommodation

Cambrian Loan Application Form

"I'm delighted to support the Llety Arall project in Caernarfon. It'll be a great resource for the community and visitors. I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to stay there in the future." Sionned Columbia Missouri U.S.A

"I was very proud to be the hundredth person to invest in the Llety Arall plan,"Said Sian Gwenllian A.M.,
"and I would encourage anyone else who is interested in the growth and prosperity of this particular town to do the same if they've a little bit of spare cash. Congratulations to the crew behind the initiative, and I will be really excited to watch Llety Arall going from strength to strength. "

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The Rules

Business Plan
A new initiative for the benefit of the community
Stryd y Plas Caernarfon