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We look forward to welcoming people back to Caernarfon, and that in a careful way. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot book a room(was) online. Rather than, if you are interested to visit, and especially if you want to come and see family, contact by email or telephone.

Am and tro, we will let the accommodation to families of one household or members of the same bubble only. Booking is possible on a first come, first served basis 3 a night or more, and only one family / the accommodation will be occupied at any one time, which includes exclusive use of the kitchen.

We will ask lodgers to bring their own towels and all guests will have to comply with our guidelines. Please feel free to make a further inquiry and discuss your needs by completing the form below or emailing or call 0128662907

August is full with dates available September


The minimum is for waiting 3 nights