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Community ownership

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£153.000£77%

Standing Order

More investment
Over £ 3,000 min 3 years, interest 2% year

Details / Job

investments £153,250
We appreciate the confidence and trust people have shown. We are very aware of the responsibility this places on us to ensure that the initiative is successful

We want to avoid reliance on public funding by being as independent as possible. We will be cooperative in everything we do by using local products and labor. We hope it will be possible to create jobs in the long term and promote culture and economy in general Caernarfon. We have managed to raise more than £144,000 of shares so far.

You can still buy a share (share) for £ 250 to be involved in the initiative; you will have one vote at a general meeting; You can buy more than one share but each member will have one vote.

We have to mention at the outset that we want to ensure that everyone can be a part of the enterprise and therefore it is possible to invest through a standing order for either £ 10 per month 25 or £ 25 for a week 10 week. It is possible for people to use their labor to invest on the basis of scale of a living wage (real)


We were delighted to support the local credit union who agreed that people can borrow to invest in Other Accommodation

Cambrian Loan Application Form

It is possible for organizations or companies to purchase a share.

Any profits made will be used at the request of members of the initiative (namely the shareholders). We hope it will be possible for shareholders to receive interest on their share in some years.

You can invest by completing the form below or print and mail the form.


Share Document

Fill in the electronic form to pay online, to pay through BACS, by cheque or with a standing order.

Current Position

£ 146,250 investors community
mortgage W.C.V.A. £160,000
grant £128,000

To complete the full project is raising £ 60,000 ini need further but at the moment we are aiming to raise £ 15,000. This would reduce the amounts above mortgage.

Offering fair share further in due course formal.


"I'm delighted to support the Llety Arall project in Caernarfon. It'll be a great resource for the community and visitors. I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to stay there in the future." Sionned Columbia Missouri U.S.A