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the Building

Stryd y Plas

picture 9 Palace Street as it was 1846
9 Stryd y Plas 1846
(of invoice header)

The building features

  • 8 ensuite bedrooms (1 suitable for wheelchair users)
  • Multi Purpose meeting Space
  • Small kitchen
  • a Shop

There will be a variety of accommodation options within the building that can be adjusted to cater for groups of visitors, offering a boutique ambience and a personal service at a reasonable cost. On the ground floor, a shop has been let to Manon.

Room 01

Room suitable for a family or 4 sharing
Double or twin bed and 2 single beds

Room 02

Double bed / twin bed and sofa

Room 03

2 beds at the moment

Room 04

Bedroom double / twin

Room 05

Bedroom double / twin

Room 06

Bedroom double / twin

Room 07

Large double bed / twin

SIOP Manon

Multipurpose space

To the rear is a multipurpose space for community use and for visiting groups. The space needs renovating but Siop Iard run courses in the space

A birthday party for Angela, Siop Iard's mother.

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The Drawings