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The Annual Meeting

The Llety Arall Annual Meeting was a success and there were almost 30 attendees.

Thanks to Sian Rebecca of Sugar Lump for the cuppa and cakes. Rebecca had used the meeting room for a hen party

It was nice to report that the building has managed to achieve a B grade in terms of energy efficiency and also exceeds the standards in preventing noise.

The simple chart below shows how we managed to spend locally. We have the freedom to use local craftsmen and select local suppliers by giving priority to locally owned companies. Of course not all the goods are local but we're striving to select goods locally when possible. For example, the rockwool insulation is manufactured in Penybont.


After Allan Dyer stayed, Morfydd and her daughter Bethan stayed.

Morfydd has organized the Immersion Weekend for people from Gwent. All 7 rooms will be full for the event. The minibus was filled in no time. She came up to organize events this weekend.

We're looking forward to welcoming more groups.

Richard, who speaks Welsh and lives in Oxford, and his family and family friends have stayed for 3 nights.

Remember that investors will receive a reduction of 10% on the price of staying at Llety Arall


There is still an opportunity to increase your investment or make a new investment for the first time. We have raised £ 146,000 which was significantly higher than the minimum, but we would love to reach the maximum of £200,000. This would mean that we can:

  1. Reduce the mortgage
  2. Install electricity generating panels on the roof
  3. Start to turn the attic into 3 more rooms, which would increase the number of rooms to 11.

How about investment - each share is £ 250 or you can pay by standing order.


The First to stay

Thanks to Gethyn, Chris and Ioan, and all the suppliers, and not forgetting all the volunteers who have made this possible!

The first to stay was Allan from Somerset who came to Caernarfon for the St David's Day parade and for
the Gwyl Ddewi Arall festival, Saturday and Sunday.

open day

This Saturday

09 - 03 - 19

between 11:30 a 2:30

Opportunity to see the bedrooms and prepare to promote a new video preview of the accommodation.

All welcome

The Three bedroom are ready

Room 01
Double or twin beds and 2 single beds, suitable for a family of 4 or a couple or 4 sharing
Room 02
Double or twin beds and a sofa bed, suitable for a couple, two sharing, or a family, with place for a cot
Room 03
2 single beds at the moment for people who are willing to be separate. There will be 2 bunk beds in due course.

the diary

Llety Arall Ltd Annual General Meeting

28 - 03 - 19

Phase 02

Work on phase 02 is underway

Ready in May 2019

4 Room

Room 04 a 05

Double or twin bed and sofa

Room 06 a 07

Double or twin bedroom


Happy New Year

It will be a very exciting year for Llety Arall. The shop is already let to Manon and she had a busy Christmas:

There will be 3 bedrooms ready before the end of the month.

Bedroom suitable for 4 willing to share, 2 bunks

Loft suitable for a family of 3 a cot, couple, 3 a person who is willing to share.

Bedroom suitable for 4 sharing their, family of four, couples or individuals who are willing to share.

The intention is to complete the whole project during the year.Facebooktwitter