Llety Arall


We appreciate the faith and trust people have shown since we launched our campaign to raise money to establish our community-owned accommodation.

The building has now been renovated and all bedrooms are ready and available for guests. Nevertheless, Llety Arall is a social enterprise and we continue to need investment to ensure that this is a long-term enterprise that will eventually turn into a viable not-for-profit business that can contribute and give back to the community of Caernarfon.

It’s still possible to buy a £250 share if you want to get involved. This means that you have one vote at our general meeting; you can buy more than one share but each member will have one vote. Contact us via email post@lletyarall.org or phone 01286 662907.

We have always been keen to ensure that everyone can be part of the initiative, therefore it is possible to invest through a bank order of either £10 per month for 25 weeks or £25 for 10 weeks.

Follow the link below to see the film we produced as part of our campaign to get Llety Arall off the ground.

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Llety Arall, 9 Stryd y Plas, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 1RR

Phone: 01286 662907
Email: post@lletyarall.org